VoiceComm Consulting has assisted a variety of organizations across multiple industries. With an emphasis on the customer’s own business goals, the VoiceComm team has provided design, re-design, and implementation of PBX applications, voicemail systems and Call Centers. In addition, the company has assisted in project management, software programming, Help Desk support, End-User Telecom Training and System Administration training.

Some examples of how VoiceComm Consulting has put their broad skill set, and flexibility to work in the marketplace:

With Gail at the lead as Project Manager for a major hospital with multiple locations, the VoiceComm team was able to design the individual departments ensuring the transition to Avaya systems was as transparent to hospital personnel as possible. This was especially crucial in critical areas such as surgery, ICU, and ER. The team was involved in all aspects of migration, from design, telecom training and programming to successful implementation.

Financial Institutions
For a local financial institution in the midst of merging two corporate philosophies due to an acquisition, VoiceComm Consulting was able to help in the standardization of Call Center design for a variety of versions of Call Masters.   In addition, VoiceComm’s services were utilized to inventory voice equipment in an existing facility.

Technology Firm
VoiceComm takes new and complex technologies and creates a bridge to users and administrators.  In understanding the application we strive to simplify the transition so that customers can tailor and apply features with ease.

Residential Developer
We have provided long-term IT Help Desk coverage in several instances where employee transitions were taking place or when a company required additional resources to support their own internal clients.  This support led to our services being used in other aspects, such as utilizing our talents in end-user training to assist in the national roll out of a new desktop messaging application.

Government Agency
VoiceComm was able to provide standardized and quality training for the end-users. We have also been able to put a positive face on change in municipalities across the country.